New Camera!

I finally upgraded my camera from a Canon A720 (bought about 4 years ago) to a Canon G11.  The G11 has less optical zoom capabilities (5x as opposed to 6x with the A720), but the features and overall capabilities of the G11 are far superior.

I haven’t had a chance to really experiment yet, but we went to a men’s Paralympic Sledge Hockey game yesterday and I tested out the continuous-shooting sport mode, which, once set, allows you to follow the action with the camera, continually snapping photos every two seconds or so until you release the shutter button.  The photos haven’t been uploaded to my computer yet but from what I can tell viewing them on the LCD screen (which swivels 270-degrees), the shots are very clear.

Can’t wait to test it out with jewellery items and portrait shots!!  I only wish I had bought the new camera before the Olympics started in February – I would have ended up with much more impressive photos.


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