Online Photo Editors

Not gonna lie, photograph editing programs such as Photoshop and Gimp make my brain hurt. One day I’d like to find the time to actually figure out how to use them (effectively), but in the meantime, as the saying goes, “It’s all Greek to me!”

For the tech-savvy folks out there who do know their way around these programs, I’ve come across another option. Pixlr is an online cloud-based image editing tool, using Flash rather than HTML5 (disclaimer: nope, I have no idea what the latter is – pretty sure it has nothing to do with MI-5 though!).

I have not played around with the editor and therefore cannot offer any real opinions, but on the face of it, this seems like a useful tool – once you know how to use it. Glad there are tutorials!


Artfire Artisan Marketplace

Do you sell handmade crafts, art or products? Artisan Marketplace is a great platform to gain online exposure and generate more business! They currently have a promotion for their pro accounts, locking in your subscription price at $5.95 U.S. per month (regular cost $15.95 per month). Unlike some other e-commerce sites, Artfire does not charge listing, relisting fees or final valuation fees, commissions or percentages.

This group deal is only open to 50,000 members but will only be activated after they reach 20,000 subscriptions for the promotional rate. Check out this link for all the details:

New Jewellery Photos Added

A slideshow of photos has finally been added to the Jewellery page – check it out here:!

Introductory Website Promotion

I am preparing to send out the first official marketing campaign for the new website 25% off jewellery orders over $100 and 15% off makeup services – but it’s going to be a limited-time offer, and open only to my email subscribers, so I’m encouraging anyone who would like to get in on the action to subscribe now or alternatively email me at!

New Website Content

The jewellery gallery page of the website has been updated with new photos:

New Website Content

The website has been updated with new content in general, particularly the jewellery image gallery. Check it out here:

Official Website Launch!

Windsong has launched its official website:!  The site is still very much a work in progress, but I will hopefully be able to get the major “bones” set up very soon.

Wedding Makeup & Hair Tips


Make sure you book a consultation and trial with the makeup artist – although he or she *should* bring this topic up during your initial conversation.

It is a good idea to schedule the appointment a minimum of a 2-3 months before your wedding day so there is time to discuss details and/or changes to the look you want.

The artist may also have policies in place with respect to deadlines for adding more people, etc. so you will want to keep this in mind before saying “No problem!” to a bridesmaid/aunt/cousin/mother, if they decide at the 11th hour that they want to get their makeup done on the day of the wedding.

Even if you have discussed the type of look you want before your makeup trial, it is a good idea to do some surfing on the internet (a great place to start is photos from the red carpet at the Oscars), and bring colour printouts of photos that reflect the type of look you are wanting to achieve – or alternatively, send the artist an email with links to the photos you like.

Giving the artist some visual references is extremely helpful and will (hopefully!) avoid any confusion and/or miscommunication.  The artist will also be able to advise you in terms of the suitability of a particular look or style – for example, you may totally love the way JLo looks in pale beige lipstick, but it might not work at all if you have a fair complexion.


Make sure you book a trial run with your hair stylist as well – and again, avoid booking this appointment too close to the big day.  The last thing you want or need is to wake up on your wedding day and still not have a clear idea of how you want your hair to look.

With both the makeup and hair trials, have the artist/stylist or a friend take some closeup photos so that you can look at them later to reassure yourself that you are happy with the results – and so the artist/stylist has an actual reference and doesn’t have to rely on memory.