Question for Brides-to-Be

i.e. Is budget your main concern? Is there something you want as part of your wedding day but only if you are able to find it at a reasonable cost? Is there one particular thing you simply must have regardless of cost?


Skincare 101

GENERAL CARE – healthy habits equal healthy skin

– Sleep reduces the negative impact that stress has on the body. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night.
– Eat a balanced, healthy diet.
– If you are prone to breakouts, try reducing your intake of dairy products. Many people, while they may not actually be allergic to dairy have a sensitivity to it, which can manifest itself by affecting your skin’s appearance.

CLEANSING – properly cleansing skin leads the way to healthy skin

– For your skin to be healthy, it must be cleansed thoroughly but gently.
– Do not use very hot water when washing your face, as it can strip away the natural moisture.
– Gel-based cleansers remove makeup easily, although if you have dry or dehydrated skin, a cream-based product can be more moisturizing.
– Occasionally treat yourself to a deep-cleansing masque or facial – but if you include this in your pre-wedding beauty plan, do not have this treatment done too close the wedding. A week or two in advance is a good idea, to give the skin a few days to recover.

EXFOLIATING – healthy skin needs to breathe

– Using a gentle product that contains tiny ‘scrubbing’ particles removes dead skin cells that naturally build up over time. Always use a scrub that has been formulated specifically for the face – never a “body scrub”, which contains particles that are much larger and rougher and if used on the face, may cause microscopic tears in the skin.
– Some products contain alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids and retinoids, which aid in exfoliating and the production of collagen.
– Facial toners act as humectants, which prepare your skin for moisturizer and aid in its penetration.

Introductory Website Promotion

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March 24 & 31, 2010 Photoshoots – ‘Official’ Photos

I picked up the CD of photos yesterday, and I’m very pleased with how they turned out!  I tweaked a few of them with (‘cuz that’s how I roll, lol).

Photoshoot – March 24, 2010


I orchestrated my first photoshoot on March 24, 2010.  My model was a co-worker, who has a fair complexion and fine almost stick-straight hair cut into a layered bob.

My original plan for her hair was to create a smooth vintage finger-wave style (somewhat along the lines of Nicole Kidman in The Golden Compass), but when I took out the pins and started combing the hair with my fingers, the resultant look with sassy ‘big-hair’ curls just looked too great to pass up.

In addition to doing the hair and makeup, I added one of my necklaces to complete the look.

I took a few photos myself while we were waiting our turn with the photographers.  I think she looks a bit like a 50’s pin-up girl – I wish we had had a martini glass and a long cigarette holder to use as props, but the little bouquet of tulips I made that afternoon were just fine for the original “bridal” theme.

The shoot itself went very well, and although I haven’t seen the photos yet I think they’re going to be great!  I can’t wait to see the final results.

this photo has a strange dark shadow under the right eye which I couldn't edit, so it looks like someone punched her in the eye!

Wedding Makeup & Hair Tips


Make sure you book a consultation and trial with the makeup artist – although he or she *should* bring this topic up during your initial conversation.

It is a good idea to schedule the appointment a minimum of a 2-3 months before your wedding day so there is time to discuss details and/or changes to the look you want.

The artist may also have policies in place with respect to deadlines for adding more people, etc. so you will want to keep this in mind before saying “No problem!” to a bridesmaid/aunt/cousin/mother, if they decide at the 11th hour that they want to get their makeup done on the day of the wedding.

Even if you have discussed the type of look you want before your makeup trial, it is a good idea to do some surfing on the internet (a great place to start is photos from the red carpet at the Oscars), and bring colour printouts of photos that reflect the type of look you are wanting to achieve – or alternatively, send the artist an email with links to the photos you like.

Giving the artist some visual references is extremely helpful and will (hopefully!) avoid any confusion and/or miscommunication.  The artist will also be able to advise you in terms of the suitability of a particular look or style – for example, you may totally love the way JLo looks in pale beige lipstick, but it might not work at all if you have a fair complexion.


Make sure you book a trial run with your hair stylist as well – and again, avoid booking this appointment too close to the big day.  The last thing you want or need is to wake up on your wedding day and still not have a clear idea of how you want your hair to look.

With both the makeup and hair trials, have the artist/stylist or a friend take some closeup photos so that you can look at them later to reassure yourself that you are happy with the results – and so the artist/stylist has an actual reference and doesn’t have to rely on memory.

Wedding Planning Tips

While conducting research for my own upcoming wedding, I came across a good article about what to look for when choosing a photographer for a wedding.  The author makes some really good points!

Another article from the same site gives a few tips on how to deal with your guest list (ugh!).  I particularly like the last item which suggests having two lists – the “must haves” (A-List) and the “wish we coulds” (B-List), which allows you room to add people from the B-List as you receive regrets from any A-List people.  It might mean a few more headaches and/or agonies during the initial process of compiling the A-List, but I’m thinking that in the long run it would definitely be beneficial in terms of keeping the final list down to a reasonable level, which means your bank account will thank you!


Photos of some of my pieces will soon be here under the “Jewellery” tab, but in the meantime can be found at the following websites: and

Makeup Artistry

Well, I am nearly halfway through the Makeup Artistry Program at VCC. I have been attempting to decide upon a new look for my business cards, but after several months I am not sure I am all that much closer to making a decision than I was when I made the decision to change them.

At any rate, I have updated this blog to include pages on makeup artistry – stay tuned for updates!