Anastasia Olson
Makeup Artist & Jewellery Designer

Anastasia’s creative passion began at a very young age. She started drawing before her first birthday, and spent countless hours throughout her childhood filling up sketchbooks and any spare paper on hand, her main source of inspiration being fashion magazines. When she was old enough to start experimenting with makeup, she didn’t start “small” but went straight for the bold and bright looks that dominated the mid-80’s.

Anastasia’s style has of course evolved over the past 20-odd years, and she is equally as comfortable and proficient with a variety of makeup styles, from soft and romantic to full-out glamour and drama.

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2 thoughts on “MAKEUP ARTISTRY”

  1. Hi…I’m just wondering what you could tell me about the course at VCC. I’ve looked online and can’t find much information. Is the course pretty in depth, do you walk away with much knowledge? If I’m looking to make a career in make up, am i better suited to try somewhere like John Casablancas or Blanche Macdonald?? Any info would be great. Thanks 🙂

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