Question for Brides-to-Be

i.e. Is budget your main concern? Is there something you want as part of your wedding day but only if you are able to find it at a reasonable cost? Is there one particular thing you simply must have regardless of cost?


Wedding Planning Tips

While conducting research for my own upcoming wedding, I came across a good article about what to look for when choosing a photographer for a wedding.  The author makes some really good points!

Another article from the same site gives a few tips on how to deal with your guest list (ugh!).  I particularly like the last item which suggests having two lists – the “must haves” (A-List) and the “wish we coulds” (B-List), which allows you room to add people from the B-List as you receive regrets from any A-List people.  It might mean a few more headaches and/or agonies during the initial process of compiling the A-List, but I’m thinking that in the long run it would definitely be beneficial in terms of keeping the final list down to a reasonable level, which means your bank account will thank you!