*Disclaimer:  I obtained the following information from various internet sources.  If any of the statements are incorrect, or you think it’s all foolishness, don’t shoot the messenger!

Chakra” means “wheel” in Sanskrit, and the chakras of humans are wheels of energy.  Life force energy flows in and out of us through the chakras.  Each chakra has an area of life that its energy affects particularly.  If a chakra is closed down or out of balance, the life energies in that area will be affected.  Open, strong and balanced chakras make all areas of our life energies better and promote health and healing.

From the bottom up, here are the chakras:

Muladhara – Root or Base Chakra

Associated with: connection to the Earth, groundedness, survival, physical needs, power, growth
Governs: back, feet, hips spine, legs
Color: red or black
Stones: black obsidian, black onyx, black tourmaline, bloodstone, brecciated jasper, carnelian, cuprite, red garnet, hematite, leopardskin jasper, red calcite, red coral, red spinel, ruby, ruby aura quartz, thulite, tourmaline (rubellite), red zircon

Svadhisthana – Spleen or Sacral Chakra

Associated with: emotional balance, passion, creativity, abundance, freedom, personal expression, sexuality
Governs: sexual organs, bladder, bowel and lower intestine
Color: orange
Stones: amber, carnelian, crocoite, fire opal, golden beryl (heliodor), honey calcite, orange calcite, orange spinel, paraparadscha sapphire, peach aventurine, sheelite, sunstone

Manipura – Solar Plexus Chakra

Associated with: personal power, strength, sense of self-worth, self-confidence, laughter, humor, joy
Governs: stomach, upper intestines, upper back, upper spine
Color: Yellow
Stones: amber, andalusite, chrysoberyl, citrine, golden tiger eye, honey calcite, rutilated quartz, yellow-brown scapolite, sphalerite, sphene, sulphur, sunstone, topaz, yellow aragonite, yellow calcite, yellow carnelian, yellow jasper, yellow sapphire

Anahata – Heart Chakra

Associated with: love, unconditional love, emotions
Governs: heart, lungs, blood and circulation
Color: green and/or pink
Stones: actinolite, cuprite (balances heart chakra with root chakra), diopside, dioptase, emerald, fluorite, green apatite, green calcite, grossular garnet, euclase, jade, kunzite (spodumene) malachite, moldavite, moss agate, nephrite, pink manganocalcite, peridot, pink optical calcite, prase, rose quartz, rubellite, serpentine (aka New Jade), tourmaline (especially watermelon), variscite, zoisite

Vishuddha – Throat Chakra

Associated with: communication, truthfulness, expression of will power and creativity
Governs: throat, thyroid, mouth, teeth, tongue, jaw
Color: blue or turquoise
Stones: amazonite, aqua aura, aquamarine, blue calcite, blue lace agate, blue tigers eye, blue topaz, dumortierite (blue quartz), euclase (stimulates), kyanite, lapis, opal, blue smithsonite, sodalite, turquoise

Ajna – Brow or Third Eye Chakra

Associated with: coordination, balance, mental clarity, psychic abilities especially clairvoyance, intuition, wisdom
Governs: pituitary gland, pineal gland, skull, eyes, brain, nervous system, the senses
Color: indigo, violet, purple
Stones: amazonite, amethyst, apatite, apophyllite, azurite, chevron amethyst, charoite, indicolite, iolite, lapis, picture rock, purple fluorite, sapphire, scolecite, sodalite, spinel (dark blue), sugilite

Sahasrara – Crown Chakra

Associated with: spirituality, life force energy, knowingness, higher self, ultimate wisdom
Governs: top of spinal cord, brain stem, pain center, nerves
Color: white, purple/violet, gold
Stones: amethyst, apophyllite, chevron amethyst, clear calcite, danburite, diamond, euclase, iolite, clear quartz, herkimer diamond, moonstone, opal, rainbow moonstone, scapolite (purple), scolecite, selenite, spodumene

There are also additional chakras of the human aura, such as:

All Chakras

Activation/Stimulation: garnet, quartzAlignment/Balancing: bloodstone, blue kyanite, calcite, dolomite
General Strengthening/Stimulating: bloodstone, boji stone, botswana agate, chrysoberyl, chrysocolla, crocoite, cuprite, danburite, fluorite, kunzite, kyanite, obsidian, quartz
Lower Chakras (Heart and Below): bloodstone, mookaite
Upper Chakras (Heart and Above): blue tigers eye (protection)


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