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Online Photo Editors

Not gonna lie, photograph editing programs such as Photoshop and Gimp make my brain hurt. One day I’d like to find the time to actually figure out how to use them (effectively), but in the meantime, as the saying goes, “It’s all Greek to me!”

For the tech-savvy folks out there who do know their way around these programs, I’ve come across another option. Pixlr is an online cloud-based image editing tool, using Flash rather than HTML5 (disclaimer: nope, I have no idea what the latter is – pretty sure it has nothing to do with MI-5 though!).

I have not played around with the editor and therefore cannot offer any real opinions, but on the face of it, this seems like a useful tool – once you know how to use it. Glad there are tutorials!

Photoshoot – Feb. 5, 2011

On February 5, 2011, Christopher Edmonstone and I collaborated again for a photoshoot, which took place in the model’s 2-storey loft. I did the makeup, provided some jewellery for a few of the shots, and helped with the lighting/reflectors.

The preliminary shots I’ve seen look great!

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Question for Brides-to-Be

i.e. Is budget your main concern? Is there something you want as part of your wedding day but only if you are able to find it at a reasonable cost? Is there one particular thing you simply must have regardless of cost?

Photoshoot – Dec. 12, 2010

On December 12, 2010 I was asked by Christopher Edmonstone to do the makeup for a photoshoot. I also acted as his assistant, helping with moving lighting and reflectors. Lots of fun, and the photos turned out really well!

Holiday Gifts

Halloween Makeup

I was commissioned to create a ‘Dia de los Muertos’ makeup look for Halloween. I compiled a few examples culled from the ‘net to use as inspiration, then pretty much made it up as I went along. The client was thrilled with the result, and reported the next day that the makeup stayed put through a long night of partying, despite the rainy weather.

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Skincare 101

GENERAL CARE – healthy habits equal healthy skin

– Sleep reduces the negative impact that stress has on the body. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night.
– Eat a balanced, healthy diet.
– If you are prone to breakouts, try reducing your intake of dairy products. Many people, while they may not actually be allergic to dairy have a sensitivity to it, which can manifest itself by affecting your skin’s appearance.

CLEANSING – properly cleansing skin leads the way to healthy skin

– For your skin to be healthy, it must be cleansed thoroughly but gently.
– Do not use very hot water when washing your face, as it can strip away the natural moisture.
– Gel-based cleansers remove makeup easily, although if you have dry or dehydrated skin, a cream-based product can be more moisturizing.
– Occasionally treat yourself to a deep-cleansing masque or facial – but if you include this in your pre-wedding beauty plan, do not have this treatment done too close the wedding. A week or two in advance is a good idea, to give the skin a few days to recover.

EXFOLIATING – healthy skin needs to breathe

– Using a gentle product that contains tiny ‘scrubbing’ particles removes dead skin cells that naturally build up over time. Always use a scrub that has been formulated specifically for the face – never a “body scrub”, which contains particles that are much larger and rougher and if used on the face, may cause microscopic tears in the skin.
– Some products contain alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids and retinoids, which aid in exfoliating and the production of collagen.
– Facial toners act as humectants, which prepare your skin for moisturizer and aid in its penetration.

Artfire Artisan Marketplace

Do you sell handmade crafts, art or products? Artisan Marketplace is a great platform to gain online exposure and generate more business! They currently have a promotion for their pro accounts, locking in your subscription price at $5.95 U.S. per month (regular cost $15.95 per month). Unlike some other e-commerce sites, Artfire does not charge listing, relisting fees or final valuation fees, commissions or percentages.

This group deal is only open to 50,000 members but will only be activated after they reach 20,000 subscriptions for the promotional rate. Check out this link for all the details:

Time to Create

I finally made it to Capilano Rock & Gem (a store which has good prices and fantastic selection, but which closes rather annoyingly early – 5pm on weekdays and 3pm on Saturdays) for more supplies. Now I can get started on some custom pieces!